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Frequently asked questions

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    • How long will the online course take?

      The total length of the online course is over 40 minutes and covers as many as 24 lessons in it. 13 lessons relate to playing the didgeridoo and 11 lessons on circular breathing.

    • What is a didgeridoo?

      The original Australian didgeridoo is a tree trunk or branch hollowed out by termites, which when blown on produces a low buzzing tone. Nowadays, didgeridoos are not just from Australia but are produced worldwide. You have didgeridoos made of bamboo, PVC, metal, fibreglass which also sound very good and are easy to play. Moreover, with a bamboo didgeridoo you also have an inexpensive didgeridoo on which you can start making your first didgeridook sounds.

    • I am short of breath, can I play didgeridoo?

      For people who are short of breath, circular breathing and playing the didgeridoo can actually help.

    • How do you choose a good didgeridoo?

      Things like resonance, tone, ease of playing, shape, size and quality are all important. It is important to start on a didgeridoo that is easy to play. This will speed up your learning process and also motivate you to keep going. We recommend starting with a relatively cheap bamboo didgeridoo.

    • How is the didgeridoo played?

      On the didgeridoo you blow on a mouthpiece with an opening of about 3 cm diameter. Putting your mouth against the mouthpiece and vibrating your lips produces the didgeridoo's basic tone.

    • Do didgeridoos have multiple tones?

      Each didgeridoo has its own basic tone. This unique tone provides the basic tone and resonance that, in addition to the shape of the didgeridoo, is a major part of the sound. The most commonly used and loved keys are those between a C and an E tone. Our team at Australian Treasures are happy to advise you on choosing the right didgeridoo. Send an email to

    • Where can I buy a beginner didgeridoo and the course?

      When purchasing the didgeridoo lessons, you can also purchase a didgeridoo and, for example, a didgeridoo bag. This will be sent to your address together with the login code for the course! The course is available in no less than 7 languages ​​and we ship the course and didgeridoo worldwide! You can purchase the course at

    • How long does it take to master circular breathing?

      That is different, but with regular practice you can learn circular breathing within a few days.

    • Why is the didgeridoo important to aboriginal culture?

      The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal instrument that has traditionally been important in Aboriginal ceremonies. The didgeridoo was mainly part of the Aboriginal culture to tell their stories and to get in touch with the spirit world.

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